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Blackfire Digital is a Web Design & Development Agency in Milton Keynes.

We have adopted a no-fuss approach to web development, taking care of everything from designing and building your website to hosting it and setting up an effective marketing strategy that can help drive business to your phone lines.

What are the essentials for getting your business online? Let's break it down!
  • Designing your website to align with your brand guidelines
  • Building your website with cutting-edge technologies
  • Ensuring search engine optimization that meets Google's standards
  • Accessability that allows everyone to see your site
  • Acquiring a domain name, website hosting, email, and a local business number
  • Implementing basic marketing strategies, such as social media or Google Pay Per Click

Keep scrolling to find out more about each point in greater detail.

Website Design & Development

Please note that we do not provide separate design and development services. This is because we approach website design with the development process in mind, ensuring that the site is responsive, accessible, and compatible from the start.

Web Design

We design every site for maximum usability

  • Desktop PC, Mac, Mobile, Tablet
  • Responsive for every device
  • Google Fonts for maximum compatibility
  • Assistive technology from the RNIB
  • UX-Design Industry Standards
  • Compatible with sat-navs, smarts tvs, readers.
  • AI Driven Imagery.

Check out our portfolio for examples of our work.
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Web Development

We build every website on the LAMP+ Stack.

  • PHP backend programming language
  • No framework.
  • MySQL databases
  • Apache Webserver
  • Bootstrap boilerplate
  • HTML, CSS & jQuery
  • NodeJS Websocket

We use this stack as it provides the most portability and ease of developer access.

Built with scalability in mind

We build and design every website with growth and scalability in mind.

We use the most common development stack so will have no problem hiring your own developers to work on your site in-house, or finding another company to continue development.

The website is completely portable and doesn't rely on third party services or obscure frameworks. Making it easy to move your website to a more redundant auto-scaling solution, to an in-office server system or merge it into another business solution.

We do not support or build Wordpress, Wix or other pagebuilder websites as they are not, in our opinion, suitible for business use,
neither offering redunancy, scalability or meet security or performance standards.

AI Boosted Technology

At Blackfire Digital, we're at the forefront of the AI revolution, and we've been working tirelessly to incorporate AI wherever possible. With AI, we can quickly rewrite page content, generate pictures, research keywords, and monitor your website's performance.

Imagine having your entire website rewritten in just a few minutes, with perfect grammar, ideal keyword placement, and optimal search engine optimization. Normally, a task like this would take a team of 2-3 developers an entire week. But with AI, it can be done almost instantly.

If you're looking to establish a strong social media presence, we can use AI to generate a bespoke social media post for every day of the year, including major British holidays and local events related to your business. And if you need an image to go along with your post, AI can generate a completely original image for you on any topic imaginable.

This isn't a vision of the future – it's already happening, and you can take advantage of it right now. We're currently developing our own AI-driven tools that will revolutionize the way we approach web design and development. Stay tuned for more information on Blackfire AI Driven Tools.

In the meantime, if you want to experiment with AI yourself, we can help you access openAI and GPT directly. Let us show you how the power of AI can take your website and social media presence to the next level.


At Blackfire Digital, we provide three types of website hosting services. All using the cPanel control panel, Our servers incorporate the latest NMVe storage and DDR5 memory, and we ensure automatic backups and round-the-clock monitoring. We employ Imunify360 Malware and Antivirus Security, as well as high availability and redundancy measures.

Cloud Hosting

Designed For: Blogs Small Websites Testing Development
Our hosting accounts are suitable for pre-deployments, testing, and small blogs. They can also be used for hosting non-Blackfire created websites. These accounts come with 1GB Ram and 1 core, NVMe cloud storage, daily backups, and a cPanel control panel. Our support team is available via email from 9am to 5pm.

Perfomance Hosting

Designed For: Blackfire Framework Web Apps Small Websites Medium Websites Large Websites
Our performance hosting has been designed to work seamlessly with our Blackfire Framework. Each hosting account is self-contained and optimized for high performance. Our hosting includes 4GB Ram, 4 Cores, hourly backups, burst scalability, cPanel Control Panel, and 24/7/365 phone support.

AWS Autoscaling

Recommended for enterprise level websites that require complex integrations with military-grade control and policy protection, or high traffic web apps or in-house CRM's.

Price Guide

Our prices vary depending on the specifics you require, we will provide a quote once we have spoken to you and have a complete idea of your exact requirements.

Bare in mind we are able to offer a low price due to the software integrations we have developed and optimised that help us rapidly develop & manage websites. if you indeed to deviate from our systems we cannot guarantee speed or search engine optimisation.

We do not build, manage or support Wordpress or Wix websites.

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