Domain Propagation

Domain propagation is the time frame it takes for changes to a domain name to update to the internet, there are several global databases of domain registries and registrars. When you make a change to your domain the information has to be synced across these databases.

This means that for the first day or so the website may not work for you but might be visible to your friends or family who have different internet providers or vice versa.

After 72 hours you can be confident that the website is visible to everybody.

  • Your domain name may start working immediately or can take up to 72 hours, this depends on your local router cache, your internet service provider and how often they refresh their cache and your browser cache.
  • You may be able to clear your local cache by opening command prompt on your computer and typing ipconfig /flushdns for more instructions check this tutorial: How to flush DNS
  • You can use this helpful site to check your current propagation state:
  • More
  • You can use a free proxy site to see if your website is available for other people:
  • This will also affect email and emails may bounce or become lost.