Password Generator

A good policy with password security is to generate a seperate password for every service, you can store that passwords in a spreadsheet or by using a secure service like LastPass or Dashlane.



How to keep your passwords actually secure:
  • Make it more than 11 Characters, use uppercase, lowercase and symbols. ( according to the betterbuys article it would take 10 years to crack )
  • There is software known as "brute force software" that uses the power of a graphics card to try hundreds of thousands of passwords a second to break into many systems. This software can be left running for weeks and will eventually crack any password.
  • Do not use any variation of a name or a place or a dictionary word e.g: P@55w0rD123 took 26 minutes to crack (source: bit9 blog)
  • There's an in depth explanation of password cracking times here